Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Sex and Magic

Dont care too much for the song. But the video is the businessssss. Ciara looks BOMB.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday


So I missed majority of the frking show. When I got there I missed Grouch and Eli while they were on the stage already.
ATMOSPHERE 11:05 - 11:45 PM
TECH N9NE 10:10 - 10:55 PM
LIVING LEGENDS 9:10 - 10:00 PM
BROTHER ALI 7:25 - 8:00 PM
B-REAL 6:45 - 7:15 PM

Those are all I caught. Wait I missed Atmosphere! It doesn't even correlate.
WELL besides that I had a good time I must admit. I'm amped for next year. And I ASSURE you I'll be there early, VIP and all. No booshxt.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Past Aways

"old souls? falsely true. uneasy acceptance of the once familiar turning brand new. never had many, yet still lost a few. future full of possibility missing ingredience of stability. falling short of what should have been exceedings of something..results in shattered hopes of nothing. please lord continue heavenly waters on this seed, with wisdom may she proceed"

"I have taken the position as listener to all, and no ones taking my spot! Worked too hard to let it get got. But when it's time for me to say yet a word, and others to hear. All the never seen ears even more dissappear. So what I have to say is nothing nearly spoke, escaping a fatal choke. It's all in what she wrote [...]"

"new season. make history or be history ? can we spoil ourselves, better yet why do we spoil ourselves? I once bathed myself in my own composed depression, now I'm drying off ."

"new season. make history or be history ? can we spoil ourselves, better yet why do we spoil ourselves? I once bathed myself in my own composed depression, now I'm drying off . -- THANK you heavenly Father for YOU."

"she flyy high. because of that God cries. but she drinks every tear. ongoing flight not a thing to fear. searching for the completion of her ultimate goal. earned her wings for living the role. love love directing my soul."

"I recognize the greatest obstacle I've yet to overcome. And I can't cross it because it keeps cross me before I make the attempt. But I don't have the time to dwell on me and my defects. I have schedule to attend to, time for ME will come when it comes. too late to change paths."

"nothings ever right nor wrong. but we do have the ability to control how we feel. if nothing is wrong or right. why do these feeling marinate in us through the night. and have the possibilty of making us wake in the positive, or even the negative with no solution on how to heal."

"blindfolded, so the canals of each ear were left wide open. lose one sense, leave room for nonsense. never would care to foolishly care. rugged cloth of stupidity is what she chose to wear. lonely bum, sign attached to her heart with invisible ink "all I need is love! please gimme sum" [...] find my poem book and you can read it all . ugh"

"I want a love like me thinking of you thinking of you thinking of you thinking of you loving me type love. I want a love like us making our own love song type love. I want a love I can confide in, to where I won't be afraid to hand him my books of poetry type love. I want a love so strong that although we cant stop time, we stop time and run to eachother just to breathe eachothers air type love. I want a love that cares type love. Im not looking Im not waiting I know he isn't realiity that is why I keep him locked up in fantasy. peace."

"too commercial. the definition of real has been lost due to the rapid claims of being just that. holla at me with something insightful. im willing. this era is full of shxt. I'm so thankful for God putting up with it. idk I'm on something else. TIRED OF THIS ROUTINE!"

"no room for compromise..too much of me found as you look in my eyes. the new aroma of you has transversed into a falsely advertised product overwhelmed by unruly guided misconduct. WTF ."

"B got the mentality of a man. She's even got the strength. Took mens lives . even fought until near death. yet she still stands weak"

""I think it was l___ at first glance, had to opportune my chance for a lil romance. can't let him slip away. he the UV to brigthen up my day . U is cause he ultimate . V is cause I value it . Your heart can I borrow it ? But don't expect a soon return . With me love is what you'll learn ." As I try to gather the past and what it was that made me love I realize it was not exactly sent from the heavens. I cherised the intangible that has led me to the darkest of pits. Broke nails trying to reach back to what was once mine. Now I have adapted, and now I lay in this pitty. "

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a Thought.

There is no indian giving when you give a heart.
Most popular return is hurt.

But when you gave it did you mistake it as a trade, unknowingly entering the vacant world of many heartless. Nothings roaming the universe's parallel in search of ...what exactly?

As for myself I only misplaced my dearest, being that it was never taken.

My search lingers feeding on the hearts of the few naive souls, leaving them with no hopes of a fair exchange. My fulfillment yet to be complete until I find what belongs to me. I shall never find myself in the similar drapes of a heartless, for I've had many samples to understand the richness in a worthy exchange.

My giving will be as sincere, as it was easy of my taking.


G27dnight Bl27d I'm tired.


Stereotypes got you acting each and every part.
Learn will we when be you how ?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't Forget.

The official video has been released but I guess only on MySpace.
I am not too impressed with the video, the song is SO much more.
Well. I love her regardless.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Abandoned and left bewildered.
I was truth before you.
I thought I was above with you.
Thought turned lie,
Didn't realize I walked out of a one way door, didn't care.
My every thought, breath, utterance, anything, everything reflected upon you.
I did not find life in love, I died because we loved wrong.
Tripped on your tail, not a prime male, I fail.
You left me bare naked, innocence forever lost.
Stains and dark pockets reflect my stolen heart.
My soul never was for sale, but you took it with a breath, and spat it out to the universe.
verses prove lost function.
I am bewildered.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day !

1. Happy Birthday to my BEST friend Maurice. Wish I could have spent the day in its entirty with you.

2. I FOUND MY ELEMENTARY BESTFRIEND SOPHIA CARRILLO, FINALLY! After being seperated for nearly SEVEN years, a very touching moment.

3. Spent time with my family today !


Sunday, March 1, 2009


seek and catch

crowd causes this game to begin.
first move is taken by you,
as I start to make mine you steal it by chance
and we share a prolonged glance.
withdrew from any perfection
the shared gaze acts as infared placing our stories in one anothers direction.
determined to maintain direct focus
control is lost by wish of unaware locus
my attempts to ignore natures call makes for a harder fall
As I take my back my place searching for those eyes on his face
desperate to see, that you waited for me.
Body still in sight, but I must take my final flight.
only in each eye, that uttered not a lie,
I'll continue to yearn and desire, your ice cold fire
too late for ransom
We both lose, I've made you my phantom.