Sunday, August 31, 2008


1 Corinthians 13:11 (King James Version)

11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

The Best Sleep .

The best sleep is a freshly cleaned room with your favorite scented oil burners windows open for clean air fresh out the dryer sheets with a matress pad, just out the shower naked.

I know it seems weird for me to put this on a blog, but hey oh well thats the bombest sleep ever. everyone should try it.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love you Chris. I love you no matter what, and will always be there. I only want your best interest. Man I honestly do miss you. The last time I seen you it wasn't for a long period. No matter where you may venture it won't be the last time I see you, I am going to see you again. When we do cross eachothers paths I will be sure to let you understand how much I love and appreciate you.

Sorry it wasn't before enough, but I really do care.

love you,
lil sis

My English 1A Final Project.

It is not the best. Did this the day it was due.

Bart was supossed to be Irwin H.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Father in Heaven

Soooo dad, why aren't you talking back to me !
like you used to but I haven't heard from you in a couple of months.
I mean I've seen your actions but I haven't heard you.
oh. Read The Bible? I've heard that time and time again but uh I haven't done that yet. but you better promise to give me understanding.

can I tell you a secret ?
well nothing even matters anymore, but how ever far I go you always do.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

U-Turn in Life .

Embrace your self, this is going to be long.

Yesterday I took my mom's car without permission, had it for basically the entire day. That is until my older cousin came home and realized it was gone and called my mother up in Washington DC notifying her. While I had the car I was with my friend. I took the car back. Later that night we took another car without permission. It was her older cousins. It was actually late at night around 11 or 12. We went all the way to the University, Dennys. There was NO justified reason for being there, throughout it all I ignored feeling and was numb to the severity of the situation. I think of it as being a spoiled girl that felt invinsible. Well the parking lot of Denny's population escalated and cause the police to place an evacuation of the premises. Mind you that we are all minors its after curfue, we stole a vehicle, and none of us have licenses to drive. Welllll we made it out of there safe. Hopped on the freeway almost got killed because it was a truck driving wild. hopped off the freeway and got that call. The cousin woke up and realized her car was gone and so were we. Yeh that is when all idiotic hell broke loose. Basically we left the car in some neighborhood. I still don't know where it is. OMG. its like my life is ruined for not being sensible. I planned to write more but I can't . it is just all stupid.

It is to the point were I lost all respect from people. My mother, my sister, my cousin, friends, my friend's who I was with family, and then the friend I was with. like that is crazy. All the work I put in don't even matter. I don't even respect myself right now. I want to apologize to these people but it is like no matter what I say does not make it right. I can't do anything because the situation is so bad that anystep made only makes it worse. Like I still don't understand how it got that far. When I apologize it is sincere. BUT its like I don't know if its pride I will say sorry to these people, accept my punishment, but I am not going to beg and work hard for respect/love/trust anymore. its like thats all I ever did and it takes a long time to earn all that mess. I don't ever think people ever learn to re-trust beccause when trust is broken that thought of betrayal is always raised up. through it all I feel like the only punishment that will even affect me is that it is a memory that wont go away and that I betrayed people. IDK I'm done with everything . well um this is going no where . my thoughts are too disrupted to write anymore.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Down to Business.

Okay. My senior year is approaching within a couple of weeks. eeeek. SENIOR PROJECT. what am I going to dooo ?


Anywho, there are so many things I am going to get accomplished. Which means...TIME TO GET TO WORK. =]

OOOOH BTW, I got a B on my third paper!
I am going to get a B in this English 1A class.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Summer of 2008 -- so far .

This summer has been plain out weird.
It was my last chance to attend a highschool, and last summer being considered a highschool student. I take all of my classes in college, and decided to go to summer school at my old highschool. It sucked so bad. It reminded me how much I do not enjoy that setting. I was enrolled in two classes, and ended up only passing one class. The other I stopped going to after the drop deadline so I may have recieved a failing grade. That doesn't worry me because I have been praying about it. ALSO I have been taking a night class. I am soooo thankful because I am in English 1A[considered a difficult college course] and I have the BEST professor ever. I believe I have a B average. Enough of the school activities. Although I have been in school I have been roaming all throughout Southern California during my weekends. Some of the cities include um San Diego, La Mesa, Long Beach, Lakewood, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, well basically those counties and surrounding cities on different weekends. I can admit some events taken place in these cities were quite exciting. I have met new people, and re-met old ones. But throughout it all I have had quite a few eye openers. I honestly appreciate my family more than ever. Thankfully I have had chances to spend a lot of time with them this summer[ANNUAL CAMPING TRIP NEXT WEEKEND..YAYYYY]. Alot of old 'friends' have wandered away from the actual friendships, and I can honestly say it was the ones I loved the most, I loved them wayyy too much. Now, I feel a breeze of relief in realizing I need to love myself second. I care, but not as much as I once did. blah blah blah I am loosing track and forgetting stuff. Boyyyy oh boy God has been working on me. I need some balancing out in my life before the Fall semester begins. I'll write more later got to get home.

God Bless.