Saturday, September 29, 2007

Okay; just woke up .

Alright ummmm this is what's on my mind . Earlier this week I had plans on going out, but now I'm just not in the mood to go anywhere . Like I swear about 5 different people back to back asked me to go do something 'fun' with them fri/sat yesterday and I told them all no. stupid I know I'ma regret it later. But I guess I just need some me time, away from the public blahd. [HAHA] Well tomorrow I'm just gonna do some homework and lay down watching movies all day and if its cold I'll include hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows =] . And/Or go get a upside down Carmel Machiato with two extra shots ahhh YUM ! But lets get to the point in what two or three months I'll finally be sixteen. Like I never even thought about my birthday like this before. I'm disappointed because my mother canceled my charity event for an idiotic reason . Hmmm age is just a number because in my mind I'm wayyy older than 15 haha . Like I've beeeeeen through so much, which means I've seen alot. Literally I've been all over the U.S except Alaska and I'm going to Europe[if its God's will] this coming up summer .[that's not why I feel older lol] But anywho when I turn 16 I'll finally be able to start my job, its like I get hired for jobs but my silly ass ruins it by being 'honest' and telling my true age. If all goes well my sister, cousin, and I will be getting an apartment by the beginning of 2008 or maybe even sooner because my mother plans on re-locating to Georgia and I just can't do it. Ecspecially since I'm just beginning college . All I want to really accomplish before the end of this year is get closer to the Lord, pass the semester with high grades, start my job, get our apartment, andddd TRY and hurry and get my permit !!!! I could be getting my liscense right now but I fcked over my sophomore year of highschool and had to spend too much time in school making those credits up, instead of taking driving classes. I just want my carrrr ! I'm feeling kinda low but not depressed. I don't get it. hmmm oh well right ?

Friday, September 28, 2007


Man. I did not go to sleep until 5 this morning, and SOON as I layed my head down the alarm clock went off. I'm never doing that again, I used to be prone to it but now I can't even do it with taking naps during the day . I'm loving the weather right now. I'm ACTUALLY wearing layers ! Today was real chill . I'm kinda getting irritated though . It's like I'm getting bored but I'm real picky with what I want to do . Everything is just so BLAH . I need to get a prom date lol don't asking why I'm thinking of that before even Winter Formal . I'm helllla missing Oakland right now . Um I'm getting bored with like everybody ! You know when you're surrounded with the same people all the time you get sick of them? Well atleast I do . Oh I was crushing on this one cat but it's starting to fade away was just my imagination running away with me ! OH ! I know that ALLLL Jagged Edge's songs sound the same but I'm loving the Album anyway. Keyshia Cole I mean we from the same place so I love you for that keeping us on the map BUT man boo WTHECK happened ? I can't wait to go to Knott's Scart Farm this month... [BEEN LIVING IN CALI ALLLLL YEARS AND STILL NEVER BEEN] Does anyone want to go with me ? But if you do don't say you wanna go then not lol...Um yeah.. BLAH BLAH. I'll probably write another one later tonight ... until then TTYL

Allow Me to Introduce Myself .

Hello I'm Anna. I would say nice to meet you but ummmm, nice to meet ME right ? =] Well I've known about 'blogging' but my bestfriend Jeffrey introduced this to me. PROPS TO HIM haha. Well I am young growing lady from California 15 years of age at the moment. I attend a community college but plan to transfer in two years to probably USC. I may leave state to like NYC or I don't know. aahah I'll be in Cali. ANYWHO. I've never kept a diary or really blogged before so I don't know how committed I will be to this. Since I'm on the internet all the time maybe I will find myself on here from time to time. This is likeeee BIG, I am giving you a V.I.P access granted pass into my world. I don't know if you guys are going to be able to actually grasp it and understand me [mentally and spiritually] but yeah I'll ttyl =]