Friday, November 20, 2009

To have the reminder creep up on me random moments that I am not of this world is my pain. I do not know the world that I am of. Existence alone can be a lot to swallow. I exist, will I be depressed about it or will I rejoice. I will rejoice only if I exist on the terms of existence I choose. Is being full of joy truly bliss? Or is it just the contentment of current situations. I find joy in knowing God is taking care of me on this world, allowing me to eventually reach the life I would love experience while here. I am not of this world, so I prefer to not let these world experiences affect me. But because I am in this world, that is not always something I can control. I pray for the perfect Heaven, of what experiences I could never fathom and only be more than thankful for. For that is what my being lingers for the most.

It hurts so much when trying to cross the parallel and realize you can't just yet.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Its about time I've come out of my funk and bring forth a more positive vibe.

I do not necessarily take the associative term woman as an identifier for me well, yet although I may prefer to still be declared a child. It isn't possible. The temporary worries I may have time to time are those not of a child, sometimes. Because friendships and feelings don't flee upon adulthood.

I am merging into this COMPLETELY new life at a fast but gradual pace. It was not my choice to be born the first time, and not my choice this time. But I've got to make do.

I ask for no praise for my epiphany, yet I praise my Lord and saviour for his abundance in my life. And ask for two-way patience and understanding as I continue to grow in life.

1. In school 2. Employed 3. Own Place

To some that may be amazing but for me I'm still on the first step of the ladder. I can climb off as easy as getting on. All in all I'm still waiting to meet my world.