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I Hate School .

Pre-school; There for the naps, snacks, and feild trips. You touched my mat [letter A!] you died !

Elementary; I started when I was four years old. I can remember my first day of school well. I came like a week or two late and with a broken arm in a bright red dress! WHAT AN ATTENTION GRABBER! The first girl to welcome me was a little mexican girl named Jessica who kept a neat black ponytail towards the back of her head. I was quite outgoing. I always was the 'new' girl that got asked HUNDREDS of questions about me. It felt like I was in school 24hrs a day. I didn't understand why I was there from early in the morning to around 5 in the evening[AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM] when I seen the other kids in grade K coming after me and leaving before me! [little did I know my mother was a single TWO job working mother of three young children].But I'm thankful for it because that advanced me knowledge wise. From then on I would win every award possible, be socially active, and get disciplined from my 'advanced' smart mouth. I KNEW ALOT! [I would try spell out sex on my leap frog and show the other children how it wouldn't work and just keep trying!] Also, I was the student that was soo advanced in math, during math hour I had to be sent to a higher grade levels math class to learn.
-Private School; I LOVED IT! Dr. Herbert Guice Christian Academy on International in East Oakland. Next to Popeye's, across the street from the public library, and Church. They said I was a badass but I don't think they understood me. I wasn't bad it was just a different setting of people that I don't think were too ready for me. Academically this was a challenge for me that I overcame. Although I was a G.A.T.E student who had been on Student Council private school work is like no other and I LOVE it because the teacher student interaction is soo different. *Note the best teacher I had there was Mrs. Bowman. I got in trouble alot/accussed . I got my first and only whooping[HAHAHAHA] from my daddy because I supossedly made this boy's named Justin's leg swell.I think his punk ass did it while playing outside with the other boys and was more embarassed to cry admitting his defeat in boys play than with me.THEN HIS MOMMA HAD THE NERVE TO WANT TO BE MY FRIEND!!!I loved my fifth/sixth grade class of Eleven. Eight boys, Three Girls.One of the boys was my brother Cameron and one of the Girls was my cousin Maleia. Basically I missed it. But during my sixth grade year I moved to Southern California with my mother because I needed a mother's love . which takes me tooo.

Middle School/Jr. High; OMG Entering freakingggg Moreno Valley School District. COMPLETE disaster. I didn't even go to my home-school I was overflowed to Sunnymead Middle School. Mrs. ugly Hawkins. I never understood how I could talk shit to a teacher one day and then be friends with them the next. I think I had detention EVERYday. The day long detention and lunch detention. I was a smart ass. My mouth did all the work. Including my famous facial expressions 'I think I have a better control of them now' I was like a secret class clown. Not the stupid ones that do no work and just annoying. I did my work and talked shit ocassinally. Its not that I talked shit, I just didn't allow teachers to treat me or my classmates like trash because we're all human beings right.AND I had the mom always come to my rescue =]. I advanced to the 7th grade maintaining my 4.0 average [not honor role, PRINCIPALS LIST BABY] I went back to Oakland that year. When I entered Frick Public Middle School it was GHETTTTTTTTO haha but I still liked? it. I decided that year I wouldn't be socially involved just do my work THATS it! When you're always a new girl you have those options lol. But for some reason I still attracted attention. I didn't acknowledge most of it so it soon fled away. I did meet a few life-long friends =]. With my father's help I obtained a 4.1 or 4.3 GPA. But I didn't agree with his methods of 'do whatever and everything the teacher says'.NO I have common sense I will not tolerate injustice HAHA. In the middle of the school year due to techinical[family] difficulties my mother drove to Oakland and signed my sister and me out of school one day out of nowhere. After that I entered the pathway to failure. I went back to MVUSD. HATED IT. Because the district was soo fcked up, when I went to Landmark my HARD EARNED grades wouldn't transfer and that secretly 'killed me inside'.My dumb mother told them that I was in G.A.T.E so they put me back in the freaking program. How could you transfer me from a 'lean on me' type of school in the hooood of East Oakland to a prominently white washed Valley kid school. I HATED IT HATED HATED HATED. I even cried from having to attend that school.I lost ALL hope.My FIRST day before even going to class I got in trouble because my backpack had East Oakland in white-out over it! [like lol the white-out on back packs]. So the bitch asses made me soak my back pack in water scrubbing it before I could even think of attending class.I knew I didn't want to talk to ANYONE there. These kids were weird as hell and very naive to the real world. These 'G.A.T.E' teachers were idiots. They put me in a lower math. I didn't care. So there I would meet my first report card without all As. The next year I COULD NOT return to that damned school so I went to Mt.View . Okay I started there late too! So here I was the new girl again. *I'm the new girl everrrry year I did not give a fckkkk eigth grade . This was my party year. I had afterschool detention assigned by the principle everyday in a row for so long I knew it by heart. When I wasn't in normal detention Mr.Starnes would hold me after class. The only accomplishments I made was winning the science fair, getting a 'positive attitude' award,usual high SAT9 scores, thats it. The only class I tried in was P.E lol and I still never got student of the month [BECAUSE I TALKED TOO MUCH SHIT]. There I met my bestfriend Annie. We were both called Everyother Day because we came to school every other day.When she was there I wasn't and vice versa. But that's when my focus on computers got big. I was theeee shit in graphic designs lol. but yeah...

Highschool; Had a plan to focus but I was too adjusted to the chill now work hard later habit. I failed my math class for the second time that I had already PASSED in middle schoool. I bombed freshman year with ONE A Bs Cs Ds and one F. I planned to better myself in my sophomore year. I started out okay because I was finally placed in the right math and had good teachers and classes, then out of no where one week they put me BACK in a lower math and refused to take me out of it because of overfilled classes. My mom took me out of Vista del Lago and sent me to Valley. I started off there with all As then went to rock bottom because I stopped going to school. Or would come to school at the end of the day whenever I wanted to. I failed with Bs Ds and Fs. ALOT of Fs. I got accepted by God's grace into a program that lets me start college early.

College; I'm just beginning. Its cool so far. I'm fighting off falling in that trap. Its difficult ecspecially with my mom thinking she's helping me just because she provide my transportation and thats IT. [she's never really been the one to help with homework, as a matter of fact she always angered me because she would write notes and numbers on my homework! but she has helped with a couple of projects]. This week I noticed the perfectionist worker trying to come out in me again. Like hmmm group projects. I've ALWAYS hated them. I'm always more of a solo worker who wants the best when I do work. I can't settle for less. Although I always wait until the last minute to do work thats when I do my best under pressure. Sometimes I don't even realize how good it is until someone informs me. But yeah I'm not good with group work because I'm not good at taking orders from people with 'medocre' ideas and having mine set to the side when I put much effort into it. Well I won't say I'm not good at group work I just haven't been paired with people that "think outside the box". Although I'm the opposite of the organized person, unorganization KILLS me ! That makes sense right? YUP !

This is long I'll tell breif statements about my college life later .

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